22 April 2012

Medallion Project Update: Shop Work

The granite stone arrives from Mt. Airy, NC at Gropen Design on East Market Street in Charlottesville. 

The large slab is unloaded with a fork lift.

Gropen Design craftsman Darryl Muller carefully measures and marks the stone before making the final cuts. 

Dan Gould of the Charlottesville Podcasting Network interviews Darryl about the process and equipment.

The table saw makes a clean cut. Water keeps the blade and granite from getting over heated.

Darryl and project manager Tim Reynolds display the rubber mask bearing the design that will be affixed to the stone.

The rubber mask exposes only the portions of the stone to be engraved (lettering, lines, and symbols).

The stone is loaded into a chamber where it can be engraved with a high-pressure blasting of silicon carbide.

The fine grit bounces off the rubber mask but slowly wears away at the hard stone.

After the blasting, the engraved design is spray-painted with the mask still in place.

Tim then works carefully to remove the rubber mask.

The engraved and painted design is slowly revealed.

The black lettering provides a high contrast to the light Mt. Airy granite.

The clean stone is ready to be installed.

The Medallion is a gift to the City of Charlottesville and will be installed in the existing ornamental paver work on the pedestrian mall at the intersection of First and Main, the point where the downtown area is divided into its four quadrants.

Concept and Medallion Design:

Steve Trumbull

Computer graphics and consulting:

Rick Bickhart
Lauren Noe

Preparation of Medallion:

Staff of Gropen Design

Financial Support:

Meredith Mercer
Ian Miller
The Trumbull Group
Jon and Stephanie Howard
Charlottesville Historical Image Library
Dan and Beth Gould
Doug and Linda Good
Woolen Mills Self Storage, LLC
Ruth Kastenmayer
Edwina St. Rose
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