05 May 2012

Flood of '72

The Rivanna River flows through Charlottesville, seen in the above current day aerial photo at Free Bridge.  In the summer of 1972 the Rivanna overflowed its banks near Free Bridge and flooded into High Street and the Cosner Brothers Auto Body Shop.

The shop, shown here from the same angle, 40 years later:

This next image appears to show the same flood waters receding, but on closer inspection we see that the billboard just beyond the shop is different than what we see in the first image, suggesting a different time altogether.  According to Grant Cosner, who still runs the shop, there was indeed a second flood that summer making for two "hundred-year" floods in one season.

Here are more photos from the two floods of 1972 paired with views from the same angle today:

1972 images courtesy Neighborhood Development Services.


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