01 May 2012

Installation of The Medallion at First & Main

On April 25, 2012 the Medallion was installed at First & Main.  The Charlottesville graphic design firm Gropen, which specializes in architectural signage, was hired for the project.  For some background on this project go here and here.

The first step of the installation process was to remove four existing pavers in the pedestrian mall to make room for the Medallion. The first stone is the hardest to remove. 

The remaining pavers were carefully removed and returned to the city parks department for future use.

Next the Gropen team prepares the site.

 Tim Reynolds and Doug Gibson prepare a new base for the stone.

The 500 lb. Medallion is lowered into place using thin straps that are easily removed.

Finally, the craftsmen add the finishing touches.

King Arthur Scott, who did the engraving back at the shop, examines the Medallion in place.

Project foreman, Tim Reynolds, talks with passers-by about the newly-installed stone.

City Manager Maurice Jones stops by to check out the new Medallion.

Meredith Mercer, an early supporter and contributor to the project, stops by to examine the finished work.

Karyn Trumbull of The Trumbull Group, sends word to the rest of the world via twitter that the project is finished. 

For more about this project and this significant location in Charlottesville see the previous posts on First and Main on this website.  

You will  find a list of contributors who worked on and funded this project here.  Thanks also to Mary Joy Scala, Jim Tolbert, Preston Coiner, and Vice Mayor Kristin Szakos who all gave early and vocal support for this project and without whom this Medallion would not have been put in place.

Additional photos can also be seen on Trumbull Photography's Facebook page.

A podcast about the project, produced by Dan Gould, can be heard here.


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